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The Carrol Cox Show Expose: HSUS Pretends to be "Police"

Petdefense congratulates Mr. Cox's show out of Hawaii, and the two witnesses that told the truth about HSUS, which proves, we still know 'wrong' when we see and hear about it, and not all of us are going to stand around like dumbed-down idiots.

  • Listen to the Broadcast [has the audio show broadcast - has a long musical lead in]
  • This page has Mr. Cox interviewing Mr. Pang's attorney on the 42 USC 1983 lawsuit, including harassment issues and more.

Carroll's guests:
Ronnie Graves and Allan Schwartz, former members of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Emergency Rescue Team

After the problems exposed with the Pang Animal Haven (Hawaii) "rescue" by HSUS, many others have also raised concerns regarding HSUS' unprofessional conduct and "unethical" and inaccurate publicity. Most of the emergency team have resigned due to these issues.

HSUS Police Styled Badges

This is the badge used by emergency rescue team to make them look like official law enforcement officers. "I want the scum to think we are law enforcement", said Scotlund Haisley, Senior Director, Emergency Services, The Humane Society of the United States.

Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of HSUS, made this statement in response to complaints: "I like the Cowboy Ways that Scotlund brings to the team." That statement by Pacelle shows he did not dispute not deny the badge wearing by HSUS employees or contracted personnel. Furthermore, there is already a lawsuit against the SPCA that had HSUS people come in and make things into a catastrophe. It is a civil rights lawsuit under 42USC 1983 alleging constitutional violations. After HSUS people get involved (Louisville, Denver, Pennsylvania, Arizona, etc) there are ALWAYS lawsuits following, since HSUS makes bad law, bad search/seizure, bad marketing ploys, manipulation, misrepresentation, and more evil than we can calculate nationwide. And it happens because HSUS wants $$$ $$$ $$$ so they can implement the LEGAL CHANGES, and CONTROL the sales of animals, breeding of animals, and buying of animals. Furthermore, HSUS wants to be the POLICE as evidenced by their efforts to fool citizens.

It is remarkable that ANYONE at all donates to HSUS — but you can help out by telling everyone you know — NOT to donate to HSUS, the deception corporation.

Ronnie Graves' Statement

About the Badge
When Scotlund Haisley sent me the HSUS Jacket, there was a Badge and an ID card inside the pocket. An officer of the law was in my office that morning visiting with me as a friend. He stated that if I put that badge on, there was a good chance that it would be mistaken as an law enforcement badge and I could be arrested.

HSUS Pretends to be Police

I called Scotlund and relayed my concerns. His statement to me on the phone was, "I want the scum to think we're law enforcement". I informed him I would never wear that badge. I work with a large number of law enforcement people and have the utmost respect for them. From viewing Scotlunds behavior for a year, it is apparent that he has nothing but contempt for them.

When I had my face to face meeting with Wayne Pacelle at my hotel room in January 2008, in rural Mississippi, I brought this comment up to Wayne. His comment back to me while smiling his famous smile, was " I like the Cowboy Ways that Scotlund brings to the team". I told him those Cowboy Ways were going to net him a huge lawsuit one day. I had already informed Mr. Haisley that I would not be signing another contract with HSUS at the end of January when mine expired. This was about the 26th of January or thereabouts.

Ronnie N. Graves BOCPO, CO, LPO, RTP
Prosthetics Research Specialists, Inc.

The clear legal issue is that HSUS knowingly gives and allows the "TEAM" to use such badges, and to purposely pretend they have POLICE authority for intimidation purposes. This is knowingly done. It does not matter if they wear HSUS garb if people BELIEVE they are the police helpers, and believe that such helpers HAVE authority. It is our understanding that the rescue responders quit because they knew that having such badges questioned their *actual* authority — which is what HSUS purposely does on a daily basis. Do we think these responders want to get into legal trouble due to the HSUS method of misrepresentation? Apparently not!

This nonsense done by the HSUS, employing people who pretend they are police, by virtue of even wearing such a badge as indicated; HSUS conning District Attorney's to seize owner's animals, HSUS having "emergency" responders WEAR and pretend to act as POLICE officers, HSUS's continued propaganda to the masses re "bad" breeders, "bad" owners, "bad" rescuers, "bad" hoarders, "bad" everything imaginable.

According to the witnesses who actually were working for HSUS under contract, either for dog SWAT raids, "puppymill" raids, disasters, etc………. T shirts marked with HSUS were used by the contractors……However, when the SPCA in Hawaii invited HSUS people to essentially raid the Pang residence in Hawaii, the SWAT team wore a badge which made it appear that they had LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITY.

When the contract employee was asked "should the public be concerned with HSUS having people wear such badges", the contracted personnel said the public should be concerned because it amounts to holding oneself out as having police authority - which they don't have, and obviously the contracted employee had the smarts to quit and tell the public WHY!

Obviously, PRETENDING to be a police officer, or purposely acting as if ONE is a police authority – is ILLEGAL. On the left is the badge that HSUS seizing agents wore, which obviously is not a far stretch from the other official badges. Mr. Pang of Hawaii will win his lawsuit unless there are some very outstanding unknown circumstances.

HSUS "Rescuer" Police-Style Badge

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