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Learn The True Story Of Big Cat Rescue And Carole Baskin

As a suspect in the disappearance of her husband, does Carole Baskin hold the key to finding her missing husband's body? New dark clouds are moving in over Big Cat Rescue, uncovering the depth of the scams tied to the animal rescue lies and scams, and now even Sex Offenders are stepping up to support the Black Widow of the Animal Industry.

(This is a true story from the diary of Carole Lewis)

Carole Lewis Baskin under investigation for the death of her husband Don Lewis

This is a true story, one of which Hollywood movies are made of, only this one comes out of Tampa Florida in Hillsborough County, at a honey place on a dirt road called Wildlife on Easy Street.

A tramp living in a rundown house with a husband and a newborn child, walking the streets at night and cheating on her husband at cheap motels. One night while walking the boulevard, Carole Murdock was lucky enough to be picked up by Jack Don Lewis. After being treated to a fun sex filled night at a cheap motel, it became evident this was the beginning of a new life. Meanwhile, back home, Carole's husband is there taking care of her newborn daughter.

The next day with a sparkle and love in her eyes, she had Jack Don Lewis drop her off a block away from her house so she could return home safely.

The love-struck street walker was so in love with the idea of a new relationship and the start of a new life, she hid on the floor board of a pickup truck to get into the back of a construction lot to have afternoon sex with Jack Don.

As the cheating relationship moved forward, Carole learned that Jack Don Lewis was a millionaire and had more money than Carole would have ever dreamed of. Carole got a divorce some time later into the cheating relationship she was having with Jack Don and married him, now giving her the last name of Carole Lewis. Jack Don had airplanes and the money to make Carole happy. Taking Carole to an animal auction and buying her the very first bobcat as a pet, the addiction of owning wild and exotic animals grew for Carole.

In 1992 Carole and Don, as he was known then, drove to Minnesota after answering an ad in an animal news magazine, buying 56 baby bobcat kittens and returning home with them. She sold the majority of them as pets, which most died from the new owners not knowing how to care for them. Today she would love for you to believe that she rescued them from a fur farm but that just is not the case.

Her addiction of buying and selling exotic cats grew into a place called Wildlife on Easy Street, where she would make her daughter live in a beat up trailer out in the cat yard while her and Don lived a luxurious life-style inside a house, profiting off of buying and selling cats.

By now Carole wanted to increase her stock and the size of them, so she and Don flew to Indiana where they purchased their first tiger cub named Shercon. Bringing him back to Florida and starting the life of telling lies about where the animals were coming from in order to get people to help fund her addiction.

From 1992 to 1997, Carole got Don to spend $92,000.00 on cats alone, so she could increase her breeding stock and go into business as one of the largest breeders in the nation. But something happened along the way. Don got tired of spending his money on her hobby and the marriage began to go south.

In the last sentence of her diary, it states "I must find a way out".

In 1997, Jack Don Lewis went missing, leaving his bank account untouched. All of his real-estate property, airplanes and personal vehicles also untouched.

Just days before Jack Don Lewis was reported missing, he filed a protection order against Carole.

Big Cat Rescue Protection Order FIled by Don Lewis Against Carole Lewis

But Carole was one step ahead of him and had a Power of Attorney, that was prepared by her, all drafted up giving her complete control of everything in case of his disappearance.

Big Cat Rescue Power of Attorney Forged by Carole Lewis

Big Cat Rescue Power of Attorney Forged by Carole Lewis

The Hillsboro Sheriff's office was the law enforcement angency which was in charge of the case - #97-069-358. Cold Case Detective Chris Fox is in charge of the case now. But yet again, Carole is pretty safe due to some of her family who worked in the Sheriff's office during this period of time.

People have since come forward and admitted to lying under oath for Carole, that they witnessed Jack Don signing the power of attorney.

During the cheating which Carole did while married to Don, she spent some time with a man named Dick "Richard" Martin, who was also into real estate and was running an online animal non-profit to raise money from of people all across the world for animals.

Big Cat Rescue Teams up with Sex Offenders and Felons for Profit

After Don disappeared, Carole and Dick had the perfect plan going until 2008, then Dick was arrested for stealing money from the State of Florida.

Big Cat Rescue Teams up for Profit with Felons and Sex Offenders

Carole moved on and in 2003 filed for Big Cat Rescue to be a non-profit and take control over everything from Wildlife on Easy Street. This way the change in the name of the organization would get her and the park out from under all the bad press, plus the fact that she had been charged by the United States Government for violating the Animal Welfare Act and for all the escapes and injuries to people that had happened at Easy Street.

In 2004 Carole set her hook into another man, Howard Baskin, with some money and the power to help her get rich off of scamming people around the world into believing that her animals are rescued. She then married Howard giving Carole the new last name of Baskin. To date the marriage is on rocky ground and reports say they are living in separate houses away from life on Easy Street, now known as Big Cat Rescue

Carole continues to surround herself with crooks, cons and now even sex offenders. Her newest attachment to her circle of public supporters is a man called George Berlyn Jones, who moved from California to live in Tampa, just down the road from Big Cat Rescue. Convicted of raping a drugged victim, sSmoking pot on youtube videos, teaching people how to grow it, selling it through the United States Mail and is now speaking on behalf of the exotic animal community.

Big Cat Rescue Teams up with Sex Offenders and Felons to Promote Exotic Animals

He has a couple names he goes by which are 'Go Big International' and 'Go Big Exotic Animal Adventures'. Through this convicted sex offender felon, Carole has got herself yet just one more way of turning a profit using animals and scams.

Is this really where you want to send your money or your support? Big Cat Rescue?

A place where morals mean nothing.

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