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Carole Lewis Baskin's Snow Leopards

Subject: The Snow Leopards of Big Cat Rescue & Their Changing Biographies

Sources: Wildlife on Easy Street's Safari Guide & Big Cat Rescue's (ever changing) Website

Carole Lewis Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue changes the biographies of her exotic cats as she 'evolves' and as the true stories emerge. Let's look at the bios on the snow leopards printed in Baskin's Wildlife on Easy Street's Safari Guide. As most of you know, Wildlife on Easy Street is the former name of Big Cat Rescue.

"You can 'Adopt-A-Cat' from this page and help feed and care for the animals you love. Hercules, born on 06/02/1997, was a birthday gift from Don to Carole on 06/06/1997, along with his mates, Chloe and Zoe". 

Don payed $5000 for Hercules and $6000 each for the females. Why would Carole Lewis Baskin think someone would want to "adopt", feed, and care for one of her private collection of exotic cats, bought at only four days old, declawed, and raised in her house as a pet? 

They didn't, so Baskin changed the story. A later biography on the Big Cat Rescue website tells us that, "Snow Leopards are extremely endangered. It's estimated there are only 4,000 to 7,000 left in the wild. In spite of their threatened status, an individual was able to purchase Chloe as a birthday gift for his wife. Chloe is just one example of the illegal trade in exotic animals; a practice so rampant some experts say it rivals the illegal drug trade."

Ah, that should do it! Now some unnamed person was the miserable s.o.b who was involved with the illegal pet trade. That should get those donated dollars flowing! Why did the story change from Baskin's millionaire husband Don Lewis buying the snow leopards as gifts for her birthday to "an individual" being able to purchase this threatened species, thus contributing to the rampant illegal trade in exotics? Who made this illegal purchase of a threatened species? Is Baskin herself not the "illegal trade" here? Read Baskin's story that an "individual" was able to buy the snows as a gift here: view more.

A later version of the website tells us, "Our snow leopards were surplus from the Species Survival Plan..." Three different versions of the story of Baskin's personal snow leopard pets. NOWHERE does Carole Lewis Baskin tell you that her husband bought three snow leopards for $17,000 and then asked for your donations to support them....AND help to build them a cage!

We contacted the seller of these snow leopards and asked for a statement.

"Yes, Carole and Don bought a pair of snow leopards from us and a pair of spotted leopards (one black). The animals were not rejects or in anyway whatsoever going to end up at an auction...I have never been to an auction.

Furthermore I'll have to look it up but I do believe Carole Lewis signed all the paper work for the snow leopards. Don picked up the other spotted leopards himself and never showed any signs of a mental disorder to me and shortly after that he disappeared.

When I read Carole's web page the word HYPOCRITE comes to mind over and over again". 

Mark McCarthy

McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary

...and that's the TRUTH. View the actual sales receipts for the three snow leopards plus two spotted leopards all bought from Mark McCarthy.

The snow leopards are among the approximately 129 cats that have died at BCR, some of old age or cancer and others of parvo, distemper, or "unknown" illnesses.

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