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Big Cat Rescue: Questions that Should be Asked

Read the list of user-submitted questions that the authorities should be asking Big Cat Rescue/Carole Baskin. Everyone working on this has questions. I asked them to send them to me to be compiled on one list for you to read and perhaps incorporate some into your interview with Carole. You have one page and here are the others.

Question 1
Exactly how many cats do you have at Big Cat Rescue?

Question 2
Not counting the circus tigers you are paid to board, the cute kittens you "rescued", the two cougars you took for the Jack Hanna film, the 20% you admit were born there and the ones you bought to breed that 20%, exactly how many of your cats were actually rescues?

Question 3
If you total number of cats is 142 (or whatever number you come up with today), and you say you bought out 3 US fur farms rescuing 56, 27 and 52 kittens, where are those 135 kittens today?

Question 4
You admit that "about 20%" of your cats were actually bred and born right there at BCR. How many cats did you purchase to breed that 20%? Do you stand by that number?

Question 5
You say you turn down 300 cats a year, so why did you have to call around and look for a cat to "rescue" for the Jack Hanna film? Do you not keep a record of all these cats needing homes? How come you never asked any of the volunteers to help place even one of these supposed 300 cats a year?

Question 6
Why did you refuse these supposed 300 cats needing rescue and then suddenly find room and money to take 2 jaguars when they were available? And more recently, 3 baby cougars? Do you pick and choose what you want to "rescue" or do you add what you want to your collection?

Question 7
On the Bay News 9 interview you stated that carascals which your newsletter stated were born at BCR did not show up on your inventory. Where are they? Did you sell them?

Question 8
You say you are a sanctuary, a permanent home for unwanted animals. What happened to all the lemurs you had, most of which were born there? Were they unworthy of a permanent home?

Question 9
You had a clouded leopard that was left in a wooden box to die. Who is to blame for such neglect?

Question 10
Why are the attacks which have occured at BCR not reported on your website when you report attacks which occur at other facilities?

Question 11
Why do you say you do not have the room to rescue more cats yet show plans to build an 8,000 square foot "Big Cat Lodge" for more commercial activity? Could that land not be used to rescue cats?

Question 12
When you "rescued" 56 bobcat kittens (that you can not account for), why did you not instead rescue the adult cats soon to be killed for their fu? Was it because you could sell the babies?

Question 13
Can we have the names and addresses of the 3 fur farms you say you bought out and shut down? Where are these cats now?

Question 14
Why do you have 6 non-profits and 1 for profit for the same cats at the same address?

Question 15
Can we copy your list of the cats now living at BCR? If not, why?

Question 16
You say you are accredited by TAOS, when did they last inspect you? Why are you the only rescue listed? Why, did AZA and ASA turn you down for accredidation?

Question 17
You say the last cats you bought in order to rescue them were Fisher Cats, Pices and Aquarius. If you rescued them, why did you breed them, not once, but twice?

Question 18
Volunteers told you for months that Malachi was sick. Why did you deny him medical care for so long resulting in his death?

Question 19
Volunteeers asked for months to take Malachi for medical treatment and he eventually died of starvation due to a blockage in his bowel from a rubber ball. Why did he not get treatment sooner?

Question 20
Did you order volunteers to feed BCR's chickens live to the cats knowing that they were not taught to hunt and would just bit and torture the chickens?

Question 21
You say you rescued Lola from someone who no longer wanted her. Why then did you breed her several times even after knowing she wasn't well? Is Lola the mother of Jumanji and Majik? Did she have to have a baby cut from her womb?

Question 22
You claim to be a Christian with faith in God. Then why do you talk about an entity called "Spirit" and say that your cats are speaking to us of medicine, etc. Are you gearing up for an insanity defense? Does a CHristian lie to 30,000 supporters about the true origin of the animals they are supporting?

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