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Big Cat Rescue: No Room at the Inn?

Subject: No Room at the Inn?
Source: BCR Facebook, BCR Website, 2011 Volunteer Website 

Carole Lewis Baskin states on her facebook page today, June 20, 2011 that all the good sanctuaries are full of exotic cats and have a long waiting list. 

Yet in 2006 Carole Lewis Baskin reported having 142 exotic cats, and today the number is about 117. If my math skills haven't failed me, that would leave approximately 25 vacancies at Big Cat Rescue. On her private volunteer-only website Baskin posted a letter that she wrote to Ringling Brothers to ask them to move their circus tigers from where they are presently boarded to her Big Cat Rescue, under the same boarding agreement as she has for the Ringling Brothers cats she is currently paid to care for. She also stated that she had four tiger enclosures sitting empty.

It looks as if there is indeed room at Baskin's Big Cat Rescue to take in more exotic big cats, if someone is paying her to board them. She has the room...four tiger enclosures by her own admission, but she wants the money.


Recently Baskin took in three tigers from an 'accredited sanctuary' much like her own which was forced to close due to lies, deceit, fraud, and gross mismanagement of funds. These three tigers have been provided money for lifetime care by a donor, in other words someone paid her to take them. Yet Baskin raised thousands more begging for donations on her website to "rescue" these three tigers and, after telling Ringling Brothers she had four empty tiger enclosures, she also begged donations to build them cages.

Last year Baskin took in over 2 million dollars, had an excess of over 800 thousand, and showed close to five million in assets. How many big cats did she turn down before agreeing to take three that someone else was going to pay to board?

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