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Straight from their website...
"Big Cat Rescue is the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats. We are home to over 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts. Our dual mission is to provide the best home we can for the cats in our care and educate the public about the plight of these majestic animals, both in captivity and in the wild, to end abuse and avoid extinction."

But are they?

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Watch this Horrific Video Concerning the Animals at Big Cat Rescue

This video is made to be a public complaint and an out cry for the animals that live at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida. These are real photos taken uuring a visit to the park.

Let's put a stop to Carole Baskin making millions and leaving the animals in this state of abuse. Contact the Eastern Office of the USDA and sign our petition at
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Did Carole Baskin Kill Her Husband Don Lewis?

Carole Stairs Lewis Baskin's ex-husband, Don Lewis, went "missing" after he filed in court for a protective order against her. Below is proof she forged signatures and witnesses to gain Power of Attorney over his estate, as well as Don's death certificate and e-mails between a former employee and the Sherrif's department where the employee openly admits that Carole regularly blackmailed employees, as well as backed this particular one into a corner to lie under oath.

Big Cat Rescue Charged with 26 Counts of Violating the Animal Welfare Act

The United States Department of Agriculture recently charged Big Cat Rescue with failure to adhere to the Animal Welfare Act. Also note, after this major violation, Carole Baskin changed the name of the company from "WILDLife on Easy Street" to "Big Cat Rescue." Inspectors with APHIS declared, "We are charging that [Big Cat Rescue] did not even meet the minimum standards" of the Act:

Big Cat Rescue Covers the Truth with Lies

Big Cat Rescue's owner, Carole Lewis Baskin, wrote a letter as a reason to cover up and distract from the truth.

Big Cat Rescue's Charitable Status Revoked

Better Business Bureau (BBB) revoked Big Cat Rescue's charitable status when they refused to be inspected for compliance with the Bureau's Standards for Charity Accountability.

Big Cat Rescue Denied AZA Accreditation

In September 2000, Wildlife on Easy Street applied to the American Zoological Association for Certification as a Related Facility. The hearing was held in Colorado in March 2001 and was attended by Jamie Veronica and Carole Lewis. The board denied the application.

Is the Big Cat Rescue Website Misleading?

Disinformation is intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. For this reason, it is synonymous with and sometimes called black propaganda. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. Unlike traditional propaganda techniques designed to engage emotional support, disinformation is designed to manipulate the audience at the rational level by either discrediting conflicting information or supporting false conclusions. A common disinformation tactic is to mix some truth and observation with false conclusions and lies, or to reveal part of the truth while presenting it as the whole.

Big Cat Rescue Releasing Bobcats to be Trapped and Killed

Big Cat Rescue must be wasting their breath about releasing bobcats back into the wild, especially when city officals are trapping them and then killing them. What's wrong with this way of thinking, people?

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May 2012 Testimony Exerpts from Carole Baskin

Statement: In 1992 my late husband and I drove from FL to Delphos, Ohio to buy llamas at and exotic animal auction. While there I learned that exotic cats were being sold to taxidermists who said that they would kill the animals in the parking lot so that they didn't have to deal with them on their way home.

Fabricated Story in 2012 About a 2004 Rescue

HARDIN CO., IL -- Authorities say an Illinois man who kept exotic animals was attacked and killed Thursday by a pet African lion.Sheriff Carl Cox says Al Abell was apparently changing the bedding of the lion's pen when he was attacked. Cox says Abell's wife returned to the couple's home near Elizabethtown in southeastern Illinois, shortly before 6 p-m. She saw the lion out of its pen and called the sheriff's office. Deputies killed the lion and then discovered Abell lying nearby. Coroner Roger Little says he was taken to Hardin County Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 8:37 p.m.

Big Cat Rescue is a Commercial Enterprise

Although Carole Baskin claims her park, Big Cat Rescue, to be a Non-Profit status organization, the following articles will prove that she uses this claim as a 'smoke and mirror' screen to hide the Commercial Enterprise Big Cat Rescue really is.

Big Cat Rescue Sets Up Fake Rescue

Big Cat Rescue Sets Up Fake Rescue with Jack Hannah for Monetary Gain. Read the e-mails between Carole Baskin, Hannah Filming and associated employees.

Big Cat Rescue: Questions that Should be Asked

List of user-submitted questions that the authorities should be asking Big Cat Rescue/Carole Baskin.

Big Cat Rescue: Federal Register for Importation of Jaguars for Propagation

View Federal Register where Big Cat Rescue applied to import two jaguars and three ocelots from a zoo in Bolivia with the purpose of propagation. And yet, Carole actively bashes and slanders other organizations who do the exact same thing, while claiming that her organization does not.

Big Cat Rescue Formal USDA Complaint

August 2nd, 2010 - Formal complaint filed with the USDA against Big Cat Rescue.

Learn The True Story Of Big Cat Rescue And Carole Baskin

As a suspect in the disappearance of her husband, does Carole Baskin hold the key to finding her missing husband's body? New dark clouds are moving in over Big Cat Rescue, uncovering the depth of the scams tied to the animal rescue lies and scams, and now even Sex Offenders are stepping up to support the Black Widow of the Animal Industry.

Scream of Death Strikes Terror in Local Community

Neighbors hear animal's death screams and do nothing? Read the September 2, 2010 article online here. In my own personal opinion, several big cat sanctuaries might be profiting in selling their ill and elderly exotic felines (lions and tigers) to butchers for exotic meat? Recently in the news, it has been reported that several restaurants are serving tiger and lion meat to customers. Tiger and Lion meat is considered a delicacy by some people and has been found in several restaurants in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Florida.

Who Keeps Dangerous Animals as Pets?

Reporters often ask, "Who keeps big cats as pets?" and their question is usually a request for contact information so that they can interview the people and get photos of them with their hands in the cages, or worse yet, rolling about on the ground with lions, tigers and other creatures designed to hunt and kill animals far more powerful than humans. It gets attention to publish such photos and that sells papers and ad space, but it also helps perpetuate the false notion that man can control such magnificent beasts.

Big Cat Rescue Frauds the General Public

Big Cat Rescue frauds the public with purchased animals advertised as rescues. A mountain of discrepancies and USDA Tranfer/Purchase logs have been made available to the reporters here at Documentation shows that most of the animals at Big Cat Rescue have been purchased or bred on the property.

Big Cat Rescue Caught in a Lie Trying to Catch a Cheetah

E-mail correspondence from Carole Lewis Baskin "catching" herself in a lie. Here is where Carole, who couldn't get a cheetah for herself, tried to get one from someone who could.

Big Cat Rescue: Employee Files Protective Order Against Carole Baskin

Protective Order filed against Carole Baskin by an employee, with incriminating evidence apparent in the employee's signed report. The entire document is worth a read, but for the witness report, see pages 2-3.

Big Cat Rescue Hides Horrid Little Secrets

Big Cat Rescue Massacre's Chickens for Entertainment; Taking Animals Off Property for Monetary Gain Under False Pretenses; Employees Fear of Being Busted for Child Pornography.

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