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Jumanji the Black Leopard is Adopted

Subject:  Jumanji & The Changing Biographies of The Cats of Big Cat Rescue
Sources: WOES Safari Guide, BCR Website, Internet posts on Panther International LLC

Carole Lewis Baskin changes the online biographies of the cats at Big Cat Rescue in order to deceive the public into supporting or "adopting" cats that were bought, bred or born at Big Cat Rescue. The true stories of these cats are often omitted or altered to make it appear that these cats were actually "rescued" by Carole Lewis Baskin . One prime example is the story of Jumanji the black leopard.

Jumanji was born on 02/23-/1996 at BCR of cats bought for breeding. At less than a month old he and his brother Majik were advertised in the Animal Finder's Guide. It seems that Baskin wanted to trade at least one of her newborn cubs for an unrelated female of the same age. This could only have been for breeding purposes.

His early biography in the Wildlife on Easy Street's Safari Guide reads, "Jumanji was born at Easy Street, along with his brother Black Majik, to parents Saber and Lola. He was adopted and bottle-raised by Jamie Veronica, Carole Lewis' daughter. He is leash-trained and loves to go out and meet the public."

When Jumanji's biography next appears on the Big Cat Rescue website, he was no longer born at Wildlife on Easy Street. Now Jumanji was "born into the pet trade" before being adopted by Carole's daughter.

His biography has changed again and he is no longer "born into the pet trade'. Why did this cat's biography change? The only logical explanation is to hide the fact that Jumanji was born and raised at BCR and to encourage the public perception that Jumanji is a rescue so that someone might adopt and support him.

In fact, that's exactly what happened in 2009. Jumanji the black leopard was "adopted" by Panther International LLC, a Clearwater, Florida software firm, for the sum of $20,000. CEO Chase Stockton presented the check to Carole Lewis Baskin himself. Mr. Stockton has declined to comment so it is unknown if he was told up front that he was paying to feed Carole Lewis Baskin's daughter's personal pet and not an abused or abandoned cat.

We feel that these changing biographies show fraudulent intent to deceive the public, and that anyone paying thousands of dollars to knowingly adopt and feed one of Baskin's personal collection of exotic pets is contributing to this deception as well as encouraging people to make pets of exotic cats that they might later exploit for thousands of dollars in donations as Carole Lewis Baskin has done.

Chase Stockton has refused to comment. However, If Mr. Stockton was himself deceived, then he should come forward so that other sponsors are not similarly taken advantage of.

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