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Exotic Cats as Housepets, Carole Baskin Writes the Book

Subject: Exotic Cats As Housepets: Baskin Wrote The Book
Source:  Exotic Cats as Housepets by Carole Stairs Lewis (Baskin)

Carole Stairs Murdock Lewis Baskin CEO of Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, Florida, literally wrote the book on making pets out of exotic cats. See one of her articles here.

The introduction to her book tells us, "Exotic Cats as Housepets by Carole Stairs Lewis (Baskin) A practical guide to the keeping of wild cats, everything from lions and tigers to Margays and Geofray's Cat. Although aimed at the private keeper; many zoos and veterinarians would profit from reading it." 

Really? A woman with (at this time) 36 violations of the Animal Welfare Act is going to tell zoos and vets how to care for animals? She has quite a high  opinion of herself doesn't she! Chapters include "cat proofing your home" and "how to choose an exotic cat." 

Her introduction says that she has bottle raised hundreds of exotic cats and has produced two videos and a book on the subject. You can see her advertise this book for sale in The Animal Finder's Guide at Subject # 2. Bottle raised babies bought or sold as housepets are not rescues. Many of Baskin's bottle-raised "hundreds of exotic cats" still live at Big Cat Rescue where they advertise that they are dedicated solely to abused and abandoned cats.

Most telling of Baskin's hypocrisy is this quote, "Unlike most of the people we have met in this field, we believe that the last chance for survival in the smaller cat species is in the private "pet" home. Our primary goal is specie survival but all of our animals, tame or not, are pets to us".

These tapes and Baskin's book, "Exotic Cats as Housepets" were advertised for sale in The Animal Finder's Guide.....right next to her ads for the sale of her bottle fed bobcats and cougars. (See Subject # 18)

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