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The Changing Biographies of Hallelujah the Cougar

Subject:  Hallelujah: The Changing Biographies of The Cats of BCR
Sources: USDA Acquisition records, WOES Safari Guide, BCR website

Carole Lewis Baskin has been known to change the website biographies of her cats as conflicting information is reported.

For instance, when Chris Hawes, investigative reporter for Bay News 9 revealed in March of 2006 that the cats listed on the Big Cat Rescue website as "born into the pet trade" were actually born at Big Cat Rescue, their biographies changed. They then "came to Big Cat Rescue" with no further mention of being born into the pet trade. This is just one example of the lies and deceit that Baskin perpetrates on her thousands of unsuspecting donors.

One of the most interesting biographies (which may have since undergone still another change) is that of the South American cougar, Hallelujah.

An early guide to the cats of Wildlife on Easy Street (now Big Cat Rescue) written by Baskin describes Hallelujah, born on 09/16/1993, as being "purchased from the same auction as Glory on 09/20/1993".

The 2007 version of this cat's biography says ,"Hal came to Big Cat Rescue from an auction where people dump animals that are unwanted on September 20, 1993". Carole is admitting in both cases that Hallelujah either came from or was purchased from an auction, so what is the big deal?

USDA acquisition records show that Hal was bought for $175 at Lolli Brother's Auction. He would have been just four days old at the time.  Baskin often said that she "paid their ransom" at these auctions in order to "rescue" these cats that might otherwise be sold to breeders or other abusers.

As with the fur farm kittens, in most cases Baskin did not "rescue" adult cats to save them from death or abuse. She "rescued" a four day old kitten that could be sold or bottled raised as a pet and possible breeder. Baskin's 2007 version goes on to say, "We were not firm enough with him as a kitten and allowed him to bite too much and too hard. It was not long before he reached a point where it was not safe to walk in with him."

That's when Baskin's hand-raised bottle-fed pet cougar Hal became a breeder. Hal was mated with Katrina (sometimes spelled Catrina) and fathered cubs Taboo and Tamou, born in 1995 and sold in 1996. Taboo was sold to Panggea Productions in Miami and Tamou to Sherie Frost of Tampa. You do not "rescue" cats from auctions. You do not breed rescued cats. And you do not sell their offspring. You do not present bought and bred cats to the public as rescues...unless your name is Carole Lewis Baskin that is.

Was Hallelujah a rescue, ransomed from an auction where people dumped unwanted animals? Or was this cub bought and raised as Baskin's pet and later bred to produce more cougar cubs to be sold as pets?

Baskin claims she became a rescue in 1992. Did her rescue buy cats in 1993? Did her rescue breed cats in 1995? Did her rescue sell cats in 1996? Is Baskin a liar and a hypocrite, deceiving the public by altering the stories of her "rescued" cats?

We ask many questions on this blog because we want you to do the research, ask to see the proof and answer these questions for yourself. Even those who do not approve of private ownership of exotics, should likewise not approve of the lies, deceit, and fraud that is Carole Lewis Baskin's Big Cat Rescue. There are many honest people caring for exotic cats that are more deserving of your support.

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