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Auroara the Model Tiger & The Changing Biographies of The Cats of Big Cat Rescue

Subject: Auroara and The Changing Biographies of The Cats at Big Cat Rescue
Sources: USDA Acquisition records, WOES Wildlife Guide, BCR website, Sue Kelly

Carole Lewis Baskin has been known to change the website biographies of her cats as she "evolves" and as conflicting information is exposed.

One prime example is the tiger named Auroara who was born in 04/1996. Baskin traded money and a serval kitten for Auroara when she was a month old.

An early guide to the cats at Baskin's Wildlife on Easy Street (now Big Cat Rescue) describes Auroara as "traded to us for a Serval kitten" and explains that her owners could not afford to feed another big cat. 

The 2007 biography says nothing about a trade but does mention that Auroara was, "said to be a descendant of the Exxon tiger" and "was cross-eyed and lame in the hips, so she was not wanted for commercials.

Auroara's original owner, Sue Kelly, says this is just another of Baskin's many lies. What neither version of Aurora's biography tells you is that Auroara was featured in a photo shoot for the May/June issue of Palm Beach Illustrated.

How could this be? Baskin claims that Auroara was "cross-eyed and lame" and could not be used for commercials and yet Baskin herself pimped her out for a photo shoot along with two servals, a leopard named Black Majik, an ocelot, and Sundari the spotted leopard?

Can anything this woman says be believed? Does she even know what the truth is? Has she lied so often and for so long that she actually believes her own lies?

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