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Lynn Culver, Executive Director of the Feline Conservation Federation, Comments on the WTSP Channel 10 Report

Another story by a BCR visitor who did her research

In commenting on the WTSP Channel 10 report, Lynn Culver, Executive Director of the Feline Conservation Federation says:

"Carole lies to the donating public about the histories of her cats, accepts their generous donations, and uses the money not for animal care, but instead, spends it on exorbitant public relations campaigns, and legislative agendas that ingratiate Carole with the rich and powerful animal rights organizations. Carole is lying to her donor base, and she is taking money away from real sanctuaries, and the cats that really need public support."

We ask many questions on this blog because we want you to do the research, ask to see the proof, and answer these questions for yourself. Carole Lewis Baskin is fond of saying that her critics are "animal abusers" who object to legislation that she proposes to ban ownership of exotic cats...for everyone but herself. However this is not true. Many of her critics do not even own exotic cats and none of our contributors breed or exhibit tiger cubs as Baskin would have you believe. They are former staff members who worked for this woman for years and left BCR disgusted with her motives and her unethical business practices. With them came copies of many documents, removed from Baskin's office which prove our claims, many in Baskin's on hand writing.

Even those who do not approve of the private ownership of exotic animals should likewise not approve of deceiving the public for the purpose of collecting millions in donations, or of blaming "the pet trade" for problems that Carole Lewis Baskin herself created. To support Carole Lewis Baskin's Big Cat Rescue is to support lies, deceit, and fraud. Baskin had an $882,355 dollar excess (profit) last year and is still begging for money to feed her cats while smaller, honest sanctuaries are doing without. There are many honest, responsible people caring for exotic cats that are much more deserving of your support.

Thank You Mike Deeson and WTSP.  Now let's get this story national.

If you know an investigative reporter with a national news agency who is not intimidated by Baskin's wealth, power, purported criminal history, or political, animal rights and law enforcement connections, please leave a message under "comments". Baskin can't possibly have them all in her pocket... and all we need is one.

There is a $20,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the body of Carole Lewis Baskin's missing millionaire 2nd husband Don Lewis.

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