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Big Cat Rescue: A 2012 Fabricated Story about a 2004 Rescue

2012: Big Cat Rescue's story of a lion rescued after he killed his owner and the family dog:
[snippet]: Kremer introduces me to Sassafras, a 14-year-old abandoned lion found roaming a farm in Illinois. The lion had somehow escaped from his cage and killed the husband and the family dog. When the wife came upon his body, she committed suicide.

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Jeff Kremer of Big Cat Rescue specifically introduced this reporter to an "abandoned" male lion that killed a man and the family dog after which the wife committed suicide when she "came across his body". An unsuspecting public would be deceived by this story and maybe even send money to help support the folks who rescued this poor abandoned animal. The problem is, this recent story, like many others told about Big Cat Rescue's cats, is a lie.

2004: The real story of the lion who killed his owner and the family dog:
[snippet]: HARDIN CO., IL -- Authorities say an Illinois man who kept exotic animals was attacked and killed Thursday by a pet African lion. Sheriff Carl Cox says Al Abell was apparently changing the bedding of the lion's pen when he was attacked. Cox says Abell's wife returned to the couple's home near Elizabethtown in southeastern Illinois, shortly before 6 p-m. She saw the lion out of its pen and called the sheriff's office. Deputies killed the lion and then discovered Abell lying nearby. Coroner Roger Little says he was taken to Hardin County Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 8:37 p.m.

Story as run on KFVS 12's website
Story as run in the Chicago Tribune

Why would Jeff Kremer have the public believe that Big Cat Rescue 'rescued' an "abandoned" lion that was in truth shot and killed by deputies? Why would he further sensationalize this story by adding that Al Abell's wife committed suicide when she "came upon his body" when she actually died Nov 5, 2010 - 6 years later?

Kathy G. Abell - Harrisburg, IL - The Daily Register
Nov 8, 2010 – Kathy G. Abell, 56, rural Elizabethtown, died 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5, 2010, at her residence.

Could financial donors be the answer? "ON AVERAGE, THE CATS EAT 400 TO 500 POUNDS OF MEAT A DAY, A COSTLY VENTURE FINANCED PRIMARILY BY DONORS". Donors. Donors deceived by Big Cat Rescue to part them from their money. This is not "the past". These people have not "changed". This is an unscrupulous, unethical organization as unworthy of public support in 2012 as they were in 1992, and anyone who knowingly supports their lies, deceit, and fraud is as morally corrupt as they are.

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