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The Chicken Massacre of 1999

Subject: The Chicken Massacre of 1999.
Source:  Emails from Baskin to her staff, Statements from staff who were there.

Carole Lewis Baskin's heartless cruelty to animals is not limited to the killing of innocent domestic rabbits to be bled for making frozen bunny-blood popsicle treats for her cats. It is not limited to feeding live, friendly domestic rabbits to her wildcats to be ripped apart and devoured while her desensitized staff look on. Before the bloodsicle treats, before the chicksicle treats, before the live rats and trusting domestic rabbits being thrown to the wildcats...there was the chicken massacre of 1999. The staff tells the story this way.

Baskin was tired of the roosters making a mess around what is now Big Cat Rescue and claimed that her cabin guests complained of their crowing, so she ordered the staff to throw the chickens, while still alive, into the pens with the wildcats (much as she now does the live rabbits).

The cats, many of them declawed by Carole and raised as her pets and most having no experience at killing and eating live animals, just bit and chewed on the chickens and batted them around until they finally died a torturous death after suffering for hours. The staff complained that the hapless chickens screamed all night, and that this was animal cruelty. In answer to their complaints, Carole sent them an email, excerpts of which are printed below.

"Everyone knew for months that I wanted to get rid of the chickens, but no one came forward with a solution. Everyone who lives here knows what a nuisance they are and the cabin guests, who are our biggest source of outside income, complain about all the crowing, but still no one could come up with an idea."

Baskin was concerned not about the chickens, but about her "biggest source of outside income". In this one paragraph Baskin first states, "the cats are natural hunters" and then later says "the cats aren't well versed in hunting." Baskin typically contradicts herself or changes her story to match the circumstances. Baskin then admits that she gave the order.

"At any rate, it was my decision to feed the roosters to the cats."

"If any of these bleeding hearts wants to take the birds and give them a home...."

Bleeding hearts? People concerned about animal suffering are bleeding hearts?

"As for Daniel he was a nervous wreck when the first bird was fed and didn't sleep all night, but he continued to do as I asked him."

Baskin manipulated this loyal young man, her daughter's live-in lover, to do her will.

"Daniel is fiercely loyal and that is why he has the position here that he does."

"As for (name omitted)...he feels that (name omitted) uses the lure of the cats at Easy Street (now Big Cat Rescue) to get young girls to pose nude for him. He fears that will bring shame on Easy Street if not get us all busted for child pornography."

We don't know what nude photos of young girls or child pornography has to do with Baskin's order to throw live chickens to the cats, but it would appear from the lengthy email that Baskin wants another person associated with her "sanctuary" to look worse than she does so that her chicken massacre will pale by comparison.

"I had wanted to catch all the males and feed them all the same day, but it was suggested that some of the volunteers would go back stabbing me all over the place if I did. I figured if I did it gradually, then no one would use it as a platform. I was wrong. If people are coming to you and trying to make an issue out of this, what is their motive? It is not their concern for Easy Street, because anyone who could have witnessed this knew the chickens were a serious problem".

No Carole Lewis Baskin, it was not their concern for your phony sanctuary on Easy Street. It was not their concern for your commercial enterprise of renting out exotic cats to share the beds of cabin guests unsupervised. It was their concern for the suffering of the chickens that you had no feeling or compassion for. Did some of your volunteers not quit in disgust after this incident?

"If you have a better plan for the chickens I am all ears."

In response to Baskin's email, one staff member responded:

"Carole, I have endured enough!!!! Because of your comments about how (name omitted) felt about me, I will not sit by and let my personal life be slandered by you or anyone else!!!! And I would say a chicken screaming for over an hour would constitute animal abuse. I formally resign from the volunteer committee and the board of directors,....."

Baskin then apologizes to this board member saying:

"I was wrong in making the assumption rather than talking to you directly. To take it further and blast you for the reputation you have, deserved or not, was to attempt to point out that we all have our dark side (whether real or perceived) and none of us should be talking about others."

Carole Lewis Baskin is well known for blasting other's reputations. Competitors who dare to complain about her or disagree with anything she says or does, usually end up on her animal abuse website. Baskin has also repeatedly shown her dark and murderous side throughout the years. It would seem that no life, animal or human, is sacred to Baskin.

Many people are now talking about the cruel and senseless killing of trusting domestic rabbits at Big Cat Rescue, the massacre of the chickens of Wildlife on Easy Street, and Baskin's missing (and many believe murdered) millionaire second husband, Don Lewis.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the body of Don Lewis. 

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